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I got off work early today (since I managed to squeeze 45 hours of work into 3.5 days).

I watered the gardens (large veggie plot in the back, small veggie and flower plots in the front), stirred the compost and caught up on my webcomic reading and f'list.

Then the elderly lady next door brought us some cock's-comb and stood over me as I planted them in Jesus' name.

Tonight I put one of the back seats back in the van, so that we can drive to Florida and pick up [ profile] la_sherazade's mom, [ profile] burdona and bring her up to visit.

Since the A/C isn't working that well (needs freon), I hope to leave before sunrise and try to hit the rain in the South before it heats up too much.

Back Sunday, should be at [ profile] jason0x21's on Monday.
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Our Old Housetm has now been infested with the internets, so as soon as I manage more than five hours of sleep, WATCH OUT!

Also, we will be travelling the I-95 corridor from NC to FL (and back) this weekend. Can you recommend any quick stops along the way?

Cross your fingers that I get photos.

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